Wednesday, February 6, 2013

12 FREE Apps, LOTS of Savings

Hello, Birdies! I hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!

Like I mentioned in my first post, saving money is a true passion for me! I am no pro but I have really learned a lot and love to share what I find with all of you. Today I am excited to tell you about some free {my favorite word} apps that may help you save some money!

In a day and age where smartphones are prevalent and prices around us are skyrocketing, it only makes sense to use every penny pinching method possible. Here are the apps that have a permanent place on my home screen and that help me on a daily basis to either make sure I am getting the best price or allowing me to clip coupons on the go! is a favorite site of mine so when I found that they had an app I was over the moon! I enjoy this app because while I am waiting at a doctor's office or needing to kill some time, I just enter my login information, tap the coupons I want then it automatically sends me an e-mail. When I get home, I just print the coupons out! So instead of waiting at a doctor's office, reading a 3 month old magazine, I can actually be productive.


Downloading apps for your favorite stores is a good idea because you can look up the deals on the go and even add the deals you want to a shopping list via the app. Plus, you can often click on deals and have them automatically added to your rewards card. Another great time saver!

Easy Envelope Budget Aid

Easy Envelope Budget Aid kind of takes the FANTASTIC idea of using a cash envelope system and makes it electronic/virtual. Now I use this along with my regular, tangible envelopes but I find that this is a good tool that aids my regular system. If you don't use cash envelopes for your regular monthly expenses and you aren't quite sure if that might work for you, try this app and get your feet wet. After you see the savings, you'll want to dive right in!


Speaking of prices skyrocketing....Unfortunately we are all familiar with gas prices going up, up, up. Although gas is pricey there are always stations that are a bit cheaper than others. What GasBuddy does is eliminates you having to drive all over your area to find the lowest rate. They use the GPS technology in your phone to find where you are then composes a list of the gas stations around you. Once you have chosen the station you want to go to tap the station name and it will give you directions. Easy as pie!


Sites like Groupon are fun because they not only bring great deals your way but also introduce you to companies and products that you may never have heard of until then. Simply log in with your account info and let Groupon guide you to fantastic finds.

Key Ring

Let me just say, I LOVE this app! They have a prefabricated list of businesses that offer deals. Many are for stores you may already use, such as CVS, but others are for places you may not think of like Yankee Candle or Dick's Sporting goods. This app alerts you to new promos and provides you a bar code for that particular offer. When at the cash register, all you need to do is show them your phone, they scan the code and BAM! MONEY SAVED! This was particularly awesome when I got 3 big jar candles from Yankee candle for the price of one during the holidays!

For this app, I loaded my Kroger Plus card number into the app so now saving money is as easy as clipping the deals from the application that I want and it automatically adds it to my card. At the cash register, I hand my card over and the offers go right to my total.

Meijer Find It

I am kind of obsessed with Meijer right now. This is similar to a Wal-Mart but it isn't nationwide. If you have a Meijer anywhere near you but normally shop elsewhere, I recommend roaming their aisles with this app in hand. They have a great electronic coupon program called M-Perks. Download the app, click the coupons, and they add to your total. Similar to Kroger, yes, BUT they have a ton of coupons to choose from. Much more than I have ever seen with other stores. If I were to clip M-Perks alone, without regular coupons, I could easily save at least $20 per shopping trip. Super easy to use, lots of offers....all in all a great app!


Target is truly one of my happy places so why wouldn't I have their app? This is a great resource to use on-the-go to see their weekly ads. Plus, if I can't make it to the store but need a boost of happy, I can just go on there! :-)


Just because I like to save money doesn't mean all of my restaurant experience involves a dollar menu and it doesn't have to mean that for you either. T.G.I. Fridays has a program called "Give Me More Stripes." You sign up online then every time you go to the restaurant, you give them your reward number or your phone number associated to that account. Every time you eat there, you get rewards and believe me! They add up
quickly. They often have free chips and salsa appetizers for Stripes members. One of our last visits, my husband and I spent about $15, including tip, for an appetizer + chips and salsa + full meals. We left stuffed and so did our wallets!

Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner

Have you ever been out shopping, found an item you wanted but thought, "I wonder if I can get this cheaper somewhere else?" Let me introduce you to Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner. It uses the camera on your phone as a scanner so all you have to do is scan the barcode and it searches the web for the best deal. No more wondering if there was a better price or kicking yourself later for missing out on a great deal!


This app works pretty much the same way the CVS app does but I like to have both to see which store will offer me the best price overall. Much simpler than carrying around a bunch of paper ads!

Whew! This was a jam packed post and I barely scratched the surface but I hope it helps and even inspires you to find more money saving apps that may be out there.

Do you use any of these apps now? Is there an app that you and your wallet can't live without? Share with the class! ;-) UPDATE: I have recently downloaded a lot more time and money saving apps. Would you all be up for a sequel? Leave a comment and let me know! :-)

Have a great day and thanks for reading! :-)

Note: This was not an endorsed post. These are purely my opinions and services I have had success using. Whether you download them is up to you. 

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