Monday, February 4, 2013

Coup-on Keepin' On: How to Get Started

Hello, Birdies! I'm Anna and I am so glad you are here. The Chirp Tree is the place where I like to share and discuss with all of you about saving money, making yummy good-for-you meals, party planning, crafts, gardening, and so much more! Today I thought we could dive head first into one of my favorite topics..SAVING MONEY!!


There are so many great ways to live a fulfilling life without throwing money away. Anything from clipping coupons to calling your cable company about lowering the bill can help you save thousands each year. Sometimes finding those methods takes a little time and a bit of research but that's okay because knowledge is FREE....the best price ever.

On my journey of saving money, using coupons is where I started. In the beginning, I only saved about $10 - $20 per grocery trip. Yesterday I saved $120 which just added fuel to the fire. I can't wait to put even more green back into my cash envelopes! You can do this too. It is completely in the cards for you! So how can you do this? Where do you start??

Well let's start with step numero uno.

#1 FIND THE COUPONS! Here is what you need to do:

* Visit coupon sites regularly. Here are some of my favorites:
Smart Source
Coupon Network

* Find your favorite manufacturer's coupons by going to their sites like these:

Pacific Natural Foods
Brown Cow Farm
Horizon Dairy

Simply find their website and search around for coupons or savings. If they don't have any listed, feel free to e-mail them. Many are more than willing to send some your way because that means you are buying their product. That, my friends, is what we call a win-win.

* Check out your local paper! You can subscribe, find them at your local stores, and some Dollar Tree's even carry them for $1! And don't be too shy to ask your family and friends if they would be willing to share their coupons with you. Many people order the paper for solely the stories then pitch the coupons and grocery ads once the funnies have been read.

* Go to your local grocery stores websites. Many either have printable coupons while others let you load the savings right onto your store card. One of my favorite stores has a completely electronic program where I can either go online or use their app then virtually "clip" the coupons. That way there are no hour long sessions spent with the scissors which goes beyond saving you money by saving you time! Once I check out at the register, I enter my store code on the credit card machine and the savings automatically apply to my order.

The more you clip, the easier it becomes and the more deals you will find. In just a few months time, if you save your receipts and add up the savings, I guarantee you that your jaw will drop. So start clipping and come back next week for Step #2: Supplies for Savings and for even more methods to keep your money where it belongs, in your wallet. :-)

Do you use coupons now or are you a coupon virgin? What are some other ways you love to save money? 

Have a great night! Thanks for stopping by! 

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