Monday, February 18, 2013

Coup-On Keepin' On: Supplies For Savings, Part Deux

Hello Birdies and Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty low key which was just what I needed. Oh! And I discovered "Downton Abbey" which rocked my world. How have I just now heard about it? That show is right up my alley but silly Netflix only has it available through season one. Now I'm going through withdrawals and will need a dose of season 2 or else my husband will have to begin conditioning himself to hearing me talk in a horrible phony British accent while perusing our "gardens" and gossiping about "the help." Obtaining season 2 on dvd may be the only cure.....Hint, hint Honey. ;-)

Today, I wanted to continue my series, Coup-On Keepin' On, by expanding on the supplies that will prove to be lifesavers while roaming the grocery store aisles. We've already discussed the basics like a binder, page dividers, and scissors. Now we need to kick it up a notch and really get serious about saving money by adding the following....

1. A Clipboard is your friend, especially if your binder is soft like mine. I can't tell you how many times I have needed a durable flat surface and ended up poking my pen through my shopping list. Super annoying! You can find these in dollar bins and dollar stores so thankfully this is not a huge investment.


2. Envelopes for each store. Often, when checking out, you will receive long coupons from the register. These are called Catalina's and are one of the many things that make penny pinching possible. Say that three times fast! Ok, I tried it. Not that hard. And neither is using Catalina's but sometimes storing them can be a bit awkward. What I have found to be easiest is to gather several long envelopes and label them for each store that the Catalina's apply. Keep in mind, most Catalina coupons can only be used for the store from which they were printed. For example, at Meijer I recently received a $2.50 off coupon for Cover Girl Outlast foundation. Instead of that finding a home in my beauty section of my coupon binder, it is nice and cozy in my Meijer envelope. The reason I do this is because I don't want to accidentally try to use a store specific Catalina coupon at a competitor's store. It just makes like easier!

3. Store coupon policies are a nice addition to any Coupon Queen's binder because it saves you time and eliminates the, "I wonder if....." thoughts from creeping into your mind at 1 a.m. Instead of having to call the store or find an associate to help you, you can quickly reference it and be on your merry way. Ok, I lied a little. You may have to call or talk to someone but only occasionally. From time to time you will want to confirm that the store's policies have not changed and if they have, you will want to print out or make the necessary revisions to your copy.

4. A calculator should be a given but just in case you forgot about that, I am reminding you. Scribbling down a simple math problem on the side of your shopping list then having the pen shove through because you forgot your clip board and then freaking out is lame.....{sigh} trust me. Seriously, people. I am literally sharing what I learn so you can avoid the same headaches and awkward stares I've experienced. :-)

5. An awesome and FREE shopping list!! That is right, Birdies. I created a shopping list that you can download for FREE. This list has been my buddy on my past few visits to the grocery and it is very user friendly. Click HERE for an example of how I used this list on a recent shopping trip. To get your own shopping list, click HERE. If you have trouble pulling up these, please shoot me an email at and I will send it your way. This is my first time trying Drop Box on the blog so I am hoping it is a success because if it is, get ready for some awesome FREE downloadable content. Whoot, whoot!

There you have it! You now have all of the supplies you need to begin successfully using coupons so get out there and save!! But be sure to visit next week because, believe it or not, I have more tricks up my sleeve for  saving all of you money!

Have you put together your own coupon binders? What supplies do you have in there and have you been using the coupons? Any deals out there that are giving you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside?? I know, I know. It happens to me too! ;-) 

Thanks for reading and have a GREAT night!!

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