Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Deals of the Day: BOGO Carmex & FREE Target Gift Cards

Hello there Birdies! Brrrwinkles it is cold outside today. This time of year is when winter really starts to get me. I'm getting a bit antsy with the cool temps, my skin is cracking, and my lips are dry. Having chapped lips drives me nuts so when I was checking out my weekly ads online I was pumped when I saw a pretty decent deal on Carmex lip balm!!! Walgreens has Carmex for $.99 right now plus there is a coupon at that offers $1 off 2. Here is the breakdown.....


Carmex # 1           $.99
Carmex # 2         +$.99
Subtotal               $1.98
Coupon                -$1.00 OFF
Price                    $.98

Divide that by 2 (since you are purchasing 2 lip balm's) and the final price works out to be $.49/each. Not too bad when the price for one is $.99. It is like you are getting one for FREE!

Also, at Target, they have several items on sale and if you purchase those items you will also receive a FREE Target gift card! The gift card amounts can vary from $5 to $130 on items ranging from shampoo to vacuum cleaners. Wowza! If you are interested in getting these offers do it soon because the sale ends the 23rd. Also, I'd recommend buying the item and then if you have other items in your cart, having those rung out in a separate transaction. Once you receive the gift card from transaction #1, use said card towards transaction #2 along with your regular coupons. I never used to believe that one could save money at Target on the little things but boy oh boy! have I been surprised.

Lots of good stuff out there, Folks! Just start looking and you will be amazed at what you find! :-)

Have you been saving more than usual lately? What deals have been getting your attention?? 

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Thanks for reading and have a great night!

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