Monday, February 25, 2013

DIY Ombre Mirror Makeover

Hello, Birdies!  The ombre trend has been going strong for a while so I thought it might be time to jump on the bandwagon! I've really liked the look of but haven't been brave enough to try it plus I didn't know what to try it on. My hair, my clothes, my food....all great candidates for the beautiful fading color scheme but alas! They have still remained a bit blah. A few weeks ago, though, while scoping out frames in Goodwill I noticed a thin, small mirror. It was only $1 and the shape caught my eye. Right then and there I knew it was mine! I was certain I was ready to take the ombre plunge and that mirror was going down with me, whether it liked or not!

My blah "before." 

The ombre "after." 

This cheery piece is on top of our shelf/coat rack in the entry way, the perfect spot to welcome those who enter! Hubs isn't too crazy about it. He hasn't said anything exactly but every time he looks at it he tilts his head and asks, "It's not finished, is it?" Yes, yes it is. He'll have to learn to love it because this gem isn't going anywhere for a while! ;-) We have a myriad of colors in our main living area with blue being a main stay. However, there wasn't a lot to tie the entry into the rest of the room. I didn't want to overwhelm the space because it is small but I wanted there to be a common bond.

This ombre style mirror blends in perfectly with the other elements of blue in our home.

I just kind of winged this I do most things. There is always a general idea of what I'm wanting to do but never a step by step, perfect plan. I just grab the supplies I think I will need and go for it! Sometimes that method works, sometimes it doesn't. You be the judge! Here is what I did....

I painted the whole frame white as a primer, taped some paper to the mirror to prevent splattering too much paint then....

1. Squirted the paint in order onto a plate. I plopped the colors right next to each other so that when step #3 came up, I was ready. I just used el cheapo craft paint.
2. I lightly painted three sections of the frame in varying shades of blue. I didn't measure this or tape these sections off because I wanted the transition to seem more natural.
3. Once each sections were painted in their primary colors, I began to blend the colors into each other from puddle to puddle. Note: I didn't mix all the colors together but rather blended shade # 1 of blue into shade #2 where they met.
4. With light, feathery strokes I blended the colors into one another. By using sweeping motions, it made the transition appear natural and not like color blocking. Also a trend I like but not the look I wanted for this mirror.

The key is to blend at the meeting places from color to color. Keep that in mind and your ombre should turn out just fine! Once I cleaned the mirror off from the stray bits of paint, I propped it on the ledge and fell in love!

What do you think of the ombre trend? Will you be trying something like this in your own home? I am linking up to Home Stories A to Z so be sure to check out the awesomeness!

Thanks for reading and have a great night! :-)

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