Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day: Love Bug Bags

Hello, Birdies! Do you feel that?? Ah, yes! Love is in the air and that means that Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. Being one that pretty much spazzes over any holiday, crafts, and spreading the l-o-v-e, I thought I'd make Love Bug Bags for my niece and nephew who live out of state to let them know that the coolest aunt EVER is thinking about them! ;-)

Fun, right? Like most good ideas, this one came to me right as I was drifting off to sleep and thankfully I actually remembered it when I woke up the next morning. I could hardly wait to get started so off to the craft store I went. If you want to make some for your little love bugs, follow these easy steps!

1. Raid your local dollar stores and dollar bins! From The Dollar Tree to Target, the options are endless!
* Penny pinching tip: Stock up for next year's holiday of love by hitting "after holiday" sales. Once the day actually passes, stores are more than anxious to move the pink infused, glitter coated heart decor inventory out to bring the new stuff in! 

2. Purchase the following from your local craft store:
    Paper Bags
    Red and Black Cardstock or thick scrapbook paper
    Festive Ribbon
    White gel pen
*You will also need a hole punch, a pencil, a black marker, and glue. 

3. Get to crafting! Have fun with this project and don't be afraid to add your own personal touches. That is what makes a project like this so great!

Here is a play by play on how I made mine...

First I gathered together these supplies:

Ribbon, Paper Bags, Scrapbook paper {red and black}, Scissors, White Pen, Pencil, Black Marker, Glue, Hole Punch, Brads

Then I grabbed a cd and traced around it on the back side of the black paper then added a smaller semi-circle for the head with little antenna's.

Dave Ramsey to the rescue again!

After that I, traced the backside of the red paper with the same cd but did not add the semi-circle or antennas. The red paper served as the wings for this cute little love bug.

Once the red paper had been cut out, I drew a line about halfway down then split in two opposite directions. That line became my guide for cutting out the wings.

I laid one red wing down then placed the second slightly over the first one.

Next, I grabbed my trusty hole punch. The hole went through wing #1, wing #2, and the black paper (a.k.a the body).

I found these great black brads at the craft store. They had so many color options!  Who knew?! Now keep in mind the age group that you are dealing with. If the kids are young or are notorious for putting things in their mouths then maybe skip the hole punch and brad and just glue the wings down.

Once I inserted the brad and secured it, I glued the bug down to the paper bag then I spread open the wings and wrote "Happy Valentine's Day, Lovebug!" with the white gel pen. I wrote over that phrase a second time to make sure the message really stood out.

I let the gel ink dry then closed the wings again so that I could draw little hearts all over. You'll notice on the bug for my niece that I also added a little bow. That was a last minute addition so I apologize that I have no pictures on how I drew it. I just kind of "winged" it....pun kind of intended. ;-)

After that, I folded over about 2 inches of the top of the bag to form a flap then punched two holes.

Following the fold down, I opened the bag, stuffed it with my dollar bin finds then closed it over again.

Finally came time to tie the bows then.......

Tadah!!!! Finished Love Bug Bags!! I am just crazy about these little fellas and can hardly wait to send these off to my niece and nephew.

The thought of making more and giving them to my other Valentine's has crossed my mind. They are so cheery especially when you can open and close their wings and on the plus side, they are easy to make. What could be better? They bring a huge smile to my face and I really hope they do the same for you and your Valentine's!

What kind of Valentine's Day crafts do you like to make? Do you do anything fun to celebrate with those you love? 

P.S. - I am linking this to Home Stories A to Z link party, "Tutes and Tips." Super excited and kind of nervous because this is my first link up party... I kind of feel like the new kid in school, complete with the butterflies in my stomach and sweaty palms. Be sure to check out Beth's site. She creates absolute treasures in her beautiful home! I am utterly and completely envious of her brick wall in her dining room. :-) 

Have a great night and thanks for reading!! :-)

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