Monday, March 4, 2013

COUP-ON KEEPIN' ON: How to Find the Deals

Hey, Hey Birdies! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Mine zoomed by and I am totally ready for more but instead of longing for days gone by, I am going to catapult myself into this week searching for great deals and maybe crafting? After finishing my ombre mirror, I've got a fevah and the only prescription is more craftin'! Reeeeeally hoping you read that in Christopher Walken's voice. Before I break out the glue gun, though, I am going to continue my Coup-On Keepin' Series by sharing how you find the deals!The process is really very simple but I always find that visuals help me so I figured it might be helpful to you too. :-)

First, I visit my local grocery store's website then pull up their weekly ad online. I find this to be the most user friendly method because I can easily switch from screen to screen in this process but sometimes I do use the paper ad. This week, there were a lot of 10 for $10 deals happening which is phenomenal. Now let me clarify this deal for you: 10 for $10 does not mean you have to buy 10 of the items to get the sale price. It simply means that any of the items included in this promo are marked down to $1 so if you buy 1 or 10, each item will be only $1. I know! Hard to believe, right? If you are still in doubt then feel free to call your grocery store and they can clarify that for you. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Moving on, this can be pretty nice for one that uses coupons because, with some items, you can get a really great price. Below, I pointed one of the many 10 for $10 deals that was available at my store. They marked down Glade  air freshener's to one buckaroo.....

After pulling up my grocery store ad online, I open another tab and pull up various couponing sites. For this example I used As I perused my ad I simultaneously checked out my coupon site, page by page. As noted above, my store was offering Glade air fresheners for one dollar. listed a coupon for $1.50 off two items. Click and print!


 I could then take the coupon to the store, buy 2 air fresheners for $1/each and get $1.50 off  making the final price of each freshener only 25 cents!

Now, if I were really ambitious and had more than one computer connected to my printer, I could print out several coupons to really stock up. Remember, do not copy coupons. That is bad, bad, bad. Most sites have a print limit of 2 coupons per computer but if you have multiple computers, print two from each and watch the savings really pile up! And don't forget to find coupons in your local paper.

Once I have gone through all of my ads and coupon sites, I print, clip, and sort. I also use my Ultimate Shopping List and fill it in with the deals and coupons I am planning on using. You can print that form for FREE right here. Then, with organized binder in hand, I am ready to save our household hundreds each month. See! Super easy, right? It takes some time but so do most worth while things and believe me! This is worth it.


1. Pull Up Your Local Ads.
2. Check Out Your Coupon Sites along with Newspaper Coupons.
3. Do the Math! Hold on to the coupons if a price doesn't seem good enough. Within a few weeks, you may see a price drop.

I hope you found this quick tutorial helpful. Stay tuned because next week I am having a show and tell of coupon binders! I'll show you mine if you show me yours and I will give you a complete break down of what is inside!

Did anyone find a great deal this weekend? Have you ever taken advantage of a 10 for $10 deal??

See you soon for a fun St. Patty's Day craft! Thanks for reading and have a great night! :-)

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