Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coup-On Keepin' On: Show and Tell

Hello, hello Birdies! As promised from last week's post, today I am doing a little show and tell with my coupon binder. I'm really hoping you join in on the fun! Saving the green is not only easy but it is something to be enjoyed. Let's take a gander, shall we?

Highlighter, pencil, calculator, store specific envelopes + a coupon envelope for the coupons I will use in a shopping trip. 

After my supplies, I have plenty of copies of my shopping list available. Once I have filled out my list, I put my coupons in order (according to the list) in my "coupons to use" envelope. Not too complicated.  Simplicity is my secret ingredient! This keeps the transition to run seamlessly. You can download that list for FREE by clicking here.
Check out the sample to see how easy it is to see the savings add up. 

Remember my tip from this post? Instead of using labeled page dividers, I buy packs of page protectors from Dollar General and use Post It Tabs as my labels. A lot more bang for my buck! 

And because I'm apparently not OCD enough, I have even more labels. After time I have found that there are subcategories within each section. I highlighted my labels so they would *POP*. Why two labels at two different angles? So anyway I have my binder thrown in the cart, I can easily find the coupons I need.

Nothing fancy here and that's kind of the point. Anyone can (and should) use coupons! These are all things I have discussed with you already but sometimes it's nice to see it all come together, right? Speaking of which, how are your binders looking??

Involvement is something I really desire for this blog. I am learning growing with the rest of you. You may pick up ideas from me and I from you so with that spirit in mind, send me some pics of your binders. I would love to see what you all have put together and what you find to work. Tips are always welcomed. Have fun! You can send the pics to thechirptree@gmail.com. Looking forward to seeing the gems you've made!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to tell your friends! Have a great night! :-)

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