Friday, March 22, 2013

Oh Spring, Where Art Thou?

Hey, hey Birdies! Brrrrrwinkles, it is cold out there! Well at least it is in my neck of the woods and let me tell you.....I AM READY FOR SPRING! Last year around this time it was in the 80's and today the high will be  barely 40. True, better than the 32 it was yesterday, but there is still snow in our forecast. SNOW! Ya' know, the white flurries that fall from the sky when it is freezing outside. Oy! I could let cabin fever do it's dirty work and make me a crazy lady but I am going to fight it by blasting happy, Springy thoughts all over the blog today. Join me, won't you?

First order of business is MUSIC. I am thinking my Jack Johnson station on Pandora will be the soundtrack for my day. Light and easy going, Jackie Boy brings just the right amount of Hawaiian warmth to my otherwise chilly surroundings.

What next, what next? Ah, I think my bubbly toes need a pick-me-up! Loreal Colour Riche Tangerine Crush to the rescue!!! Just the perfect blend of coral, orange, and pink. Super sweet, feminine, and cheery....just what this  girl with the winter blues needs! It looks darker in this photo than what it actually is but take my word for it! It is springtime perfection!


So I've got my music and my nails I think I need to smell fresh and spring like. I have just the thing! Ok, so maybe this body spray is a little more summery but I am going with it. When I spritz this on, I feel instantly happy.....except when I see that my bottle is almost empty!!! Ack! Oh thank goodness for Amazon! To get this scent, click HERE.

My face needs a little love too (no comment from the peanut gallery) so I am breaking out my Hot Mama eye shadow and blush combo! I got this little gem from Birchbox a few months ago and have used it a few times. Seeing it in the palette you may think it is very strong in color yet, although heavy in pigment, it has a wonderfully velvety texture and so it just glides on with minimal effort meaning you don't need to use a lot to get a great effect! Once again, the pic doesn't do it justice. It is a fantastic blend of peaches and oranges with a slight shimmer....super fun! If I want to get into a toasty temps frame of mind, this product will definitely need to make an appearance on my lids today. Find a shade that instantly perks you up and see if it does the trick!


And because I am unconsciously covering the senses in this post why not add some flavor to the mix? Sounds good to mean tastes good to me?!? I have some kiwi in my fridge that has my name on it. Mmmmm!

Ah, I feel much better already! I think these little additions will hold me over till the actual warm front hits. You can do this too! Just envision warmer temps, wearing fun clothing, and doing your favorite things you love to do when mid-70's are the norm and not 40. C'MON SPRING! I'M READY FOR YOU!!

Are you a lucky duck that already has warmer temps or are you stuck in a gray, bland world of freezing degrees like me?? What do you do when you need a pick me up?? Try a few of these tricks on for size and see if they lift your spirits. I have been loving the comments lately, keep it up! :-) 

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