Thursday, February 27, 2014

Costco Haul + A Perfect Kind of Day

Hey Birdies! Did you know that I have ventured off into YouTube land?? Yesterday I shared my thoughts on my new cash wallet from Savvy Cents both here and on YT so be sure to check those out and let me know what you think. As you may be aware, I am Pro-Cash Envelopes all the way and so far my new cash wallet have not disappointed.

Today I posted a video showing you some of the items we recently purchased when we went to Costco. There is something about a trip to Costco that just makes me happy.We live about 35 minutes from the closest one. Obviously that is not too far but on a day to day basis it is also not the most convenient so when we visit, we get our moneys worth and make a day of it (or at least a few good hours.) Looking back I wish I had snapped some pics along the way but for today you will have to settle for my inferior description. I hope you don't mind.

I actually had the bright idea of waking up early, getting breakfast then heading up to Costco. We wanted to be there at open so that is exactly what we did. The alarm clocks went off, the snooze button may have been hit a few times but once we were wide awake we hit the road with Panera being our first stop. There is something peaceful about a Panera in the wee hours of the morning...ok we weren't there before the sun came up but still early enough to where your only companions are a few people sitting solo munching on a bagle and sipping on a nice, hot cup of joe. Jo? Joe?? How does one spell that when it refers to coffee?? Surely not J-o-e. Hm, j-o it is. Speaking of, that is just what Eric had. An everything bagel (hold the everything) and some piping hot coffee. As for me, I opted for a blueberry muffin with a yogurt parfait on the side that I shared with my husband. Ya' know. Because I like him and all. After filling up we darted for the Mothership since we realized we may have lingered at Bagelville a little too long. No worries, though, because we arrived about 5 minutes after their massive garage style doors opened. Let me share a little secret with you all....if you are going to go to Costco, go when they open. It appears the madness doesn't begin till about an hour after open so that will give you plenty of time to meander through the aisles without being elbow to elbow with your Costco compadres. Yep, that is the way to go. We got to see it all. The chic sectionals, 45 pound bags of rice and the samples. Let's not forget about the samples, shall we? I think that is one of the many things that makes a place like Costco so magical. "Here ma'am, would you like to try a peanut butter covered popcorn? They're delicious!" Who would say no to that? Besides someone with a peanut and/or popcorn allergy. We loaded up our cart with the staples: organic chicken, soup, bottled water and, of course, peanut butter covered popcorn. By the time we were ready to check out the big crowds started to flood in so we counted our lucky stars we were able to get such an early start. From there we were able to wander through our city that we call home, driving through neighborhoods we wish we could live in and ending up at a new ice cream shop (in said neighborhoods making them even more desirable.) It was a simple but perfect kind of day. Finally, we got home, unpacked our treasures and then devoured a few. Sidenote: The Cedarlane Veggie Quinoa soup + The Essential Baking Company Rosemary loaf was the best ending to our little Costco excursion. Check out my video to see what else we got and be sure to leave a comment below!

Do you frequent Costco? What is your favorite thing to get from there? I recommend the peanut butter covered popcorn buuuuut you may have already guessed that. 

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Disclaimer: This post was not endorsed or sponsored. These thoughts are 100% my own.

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