Wednesday, February 26, 2014

First Ever YouTube video and Savvy Cents Wallet Review

Hey Birdies! Hope you are all having a WONDERFUL Wednesday! I recently purchased a Savvy Cents cash envelope wallet and filmed a review....and posted it on YouTube....say what?!? I was just so excited when I got it that I couldn't stop myself from sharing it with you all. I would love if you checked it but bear in mind that I am a newbie to the whole YT thing so be kind, rewind and watch the video again.

A few quick thoughts on my new little gem:

*I purchased it on Amazon but it can also be found directly from
*I got pink because on Amazon it was the only color option I saw but after purchasing I found more choices. So if you are not a pink fan there are plenty of great options available.
*The Dave Ramsey envelopes are a great place to start. The quality overall is great but I was really wanting a wallet that included a zipper AND more sturdy envelopes. The wallet cost me $29 which at first gave me a bit of sticker shock but then I added up how many times I have had to purchase the refillable envelopes. Yes, this in an investment but I feel over time it was well worth it.
*If you can't afford this or the Dave Ramsey envelopes, I encourage you to use paper envelopes. Starting simple is better than not starting at all. Read my post about how cash envelopes can help you save money.
*This wallet is great in quality. It includes: a coin pouch, a zipper that wraps around the whole wallet, a retractable wrist strap, sturdy envelopes and plenty of card slots for your debit card and reward/store cards.

Are you using cash envelopes? What set are you using? Any tips or tricks on how to effectively use them? :-) 

Thanks for reading and have a great day!!

DISCLAIMER: This post was not sponsored or endorsed. I have no professional or personal affiliation with Savvy Cents. These thoughts are 100% mine. 

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