Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Peanut Butter Pie Yogurt

HELLO Birdies! Sometimes magic seemingly comes out of nowhere and this morning was no exception. As I stumbled my way into the kitchen while in a sleepy stupor, Old Faithful began rumbling (i.e. Momma wanted to eat) so I scoured the pantry for a quick option. I was a bit peckish but didn't want a full blown meal or anything heavy. When I remembered I had gotten some PB2 from Whole Foods last week, I pulled that out along with some hemp hearts. I mixed those 2 gems (1 Tbsp. Of each) into some lowfat vanilla Yogurt. 

Ladies and Gents, if you are needing a quick, easy yet still healthy option for the a.m. this is it! Prep time is roughly 45 seconds and you could even make these into individual servings and store them in the refrigerator for grab-n-go purposes. Oh! And did I mention it tastes like peanut butter pie filling?!? You're welcome.
Give this recipe a whirl! Share your pics of this tasty breakfast treat with me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. If you come up with your own variation, let me know. :-)
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